Sonnenschein July Update

The Sonnenschein Green Initiative has lots going on this month!

The Green Evening Tuesday evening featured Lewis County Mayor, Van Ward, who spoke about local Recycling  in Lewis County.  Mayor Ward gave a brief history of the Solid Waste Transfer Station and its recycling efforts, and shared information on an enhanced recycling project that he hopes will roll out in the coming months.

Lewis County is recycling  approximately 25% of the material received into the Transfer Station on Hwy 48 South, but would like to do more.  The Transfer Station currently recycles scrap metal, aluminum, cardboard, tires oil, batteries, computers and electronics, as well as construction debris.  Currently glass and plastic are not be recycled, but there appears to be an opportunity for us to participate in a glass and plastic recycling program, along with neighboring counties in the near future.

Sonnenschein Green Initiative (SGI) sees this enhanced recycling program as great news!  In order to make our community more sustainable, it is important to recycle and reuse as much as possible.  It just makes sense – both economic, as well as environmental.

Sonnenschein Yard Sale – Saturday, July 9th at Buffalo River Coffee Company in Hohenwald

Mark your calendars and start cleaning out your closets and storage areas.  Sonnenschein is sponsoring a Yard Sale to raise money to support the Hohenwald Community Garden on Saturday, July 9th, at Buffalo River Coffee Company, 102 W. Main Street in Hohenwald.   The Hohenwald Community Garden is a project of SGI that has been providing garden plots to members of the local community for a nominal fee.  Additional funding is needed for expenses, supplies, and signage.

We would like to invite you to donate unused household items, shop at the Yard Sale, or send a cash donation to support the Community Garden.  A flyer is attached.  Please print it out and share with your friends this week.  If you have donations or can help out at the Yard Sale, please call Leila at 295-3053.

Heritage Festival – October 7-9th

Sonnenschein is planning to support the upcoming Heritage Festival (Oktoberfest) in Hohenwald this October in an enhanced way.  Last year, we supported the Heritage Festival by bringing in Green business and organization vendors, and sponsoring a pumpkin decorating contest.

This year, we would like to expand our presence by sponsoring Tours of Alternative Homes and Green Businesses (including local wineries) over the weekend.  If you can assist with the Tours, please contact Jennifer English at 931-796-4874.  If you have a Green Business and would like to participate as a vendor at the festival, contact Jackie Miller at 931-729-3694.

We would also like to highlight local crafts, home-baked goods, and food preservation methods (jams, jellies, pickles, etc.) with a County Fair competition.  If you are interested in participating, contact Leila Oertel at 931-295-3053.

With all the visitors that come into Lewis County over this weekend, the Heritage Festival can be a great opportunity to highlight those in our or community that are making a difference.  If you have some ideas on how we can use our enhanced presence to educate our local community (and visitors) on environmental issues, we want to hear from you.  Thanks for your support!

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Come to the Garden this Sunday

Sonnenschein Green Initiative would like you to Come to the Garden this Sunday afternoon, 2-4pm, at the Hohenwald Community Garden, 112 Kittrell Street.

Our Gardeners are busy planting , now that the heavy spring rains are past.  Come meet our gardeners, share gardening tips with your neighbors, and sign up for a plot in the Garden if you would like to join our gardening community.   Space is still available at the Hohenwald Community Garden for a nominal annual fee.

Brother G, one of our more experienced gardeners, will be available to share his growing techniques, and discuss the vegetables that he has been most successful with.

There will be a plant and seed exchange during the Event.  Bring any extra plants and seeds you might have – as well as containers for taking plants home.

Be sure to bring a hat and sunscreen – it should be pretty warm!

The Hohenwald Community Garden is a project of the Sonnenschein Green Initiative.   This outreach program helps bring our local community together – experienced gardeners , new gardeners, and want-to-be gardeners – all are invited to participate and share ideas.

One of the common goals of Sonnenschein and Hohenwald, as a Transition , is to support the sustainability of our local community.   One of our biggest challenges in our struggling economy is to maintain a healthy, nutritious food supply at a reasonable cost.  One of the best ways to meet this challenge is to support our local gardening and farming community.

If you are on this email distribution list, you already understand the importance of local sustainability.  The Hohenwald Community Garden is our opportunity to help others come to that understanding.  We appreciate your support of our Green Evening Cafes, and hope you will continue that support by coming to our Community Garden events this summer.

For more information on Sonnenschein events, contact Jackie Miller at 931-729-3694.

See you Sunday!


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Community Garden – Support Needed!

How You Can Help your Hohenwald Community Garden

If you can help provide any of the needed materials below, please sign up below.  We can use donations of materials, or financial donations to cover the costs.  Thank you!

Call Leila if you can help – 931-295

Donations for signs and water bill. Volunteers for Website – need help updating the site. Also, the following materials:








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May 24th Green Evening Cafe

Join us at the next Green Evening Cafe The public at the Emporium Café Tuesday evening, May 24th, at 6pm.   Tim Zaunbrecher from Amber Falls, the winner of the Green Business Award last month, will speak with us regarding their winery, regional agritourism activities, and soil building.  Soup, salads, sandwiches, and desserts will be available for purchase, so plan to have dinner with us.

Our plant swaps and seed exchanges this year are being held out our Community Garden events.  The next Come to the Garden event is scheduled for this Saturday, May 21st from 10am-12pm – weather permitting.  Planting is underway at The Garden.  Everyone is invited to come to share gardening ideas and meet your neighbors.   Come and be a part of our Garden events – even if you are not a member of The Garden.  We need your expertise!   Don’t forget to bring your seeds and plants for the swap and exchange.

Sunday, June 5th, will be the next Come to the Garden Event – 2-4pm.

The Hohenwald Community Garden is a project of the Sonnenschein Green Initiative and is located at 112 Kittrell Street, behind Spirit Mart.  For more information, contact Jackie Miller at 931-729-3694 or 931-628-8815 (event days).

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The Garden is Alive

Our Hohenwald Community Garden is coming alive this spring.  Members of the local community Came to the Garden on Saturday, May 7th, for a tour of The Garden and to meet some of the Gardeners.  The group shared ideas about lasagna beds, raised beds, various gardening and planting techniques.  The tour included information on some of the unique vegetables and plants that are being grown in the garden, medicinal and invasive plants, as well as plants native to the area – some good (edible) and bad (pests).  Everyone took home new plants for their gardens after the plant swap.

Leila with sweet potatoes

The next Come to the Garden event is scheduled for this Saturday, May 21st from 10am-12pm – weather permitting.  It’s time now to put in tomatoes, beans, peas, and many other vegetables, so planting is underway at The Garden.  Come meet your neighbors and share ideas so we can all have bountiful gardens this year!   Don’t forget to bring your seeds and plants for a swap and exchange.

The Hohenwald Community Garden is a project of the Sonnenschein Green Initiative and is located at 112 Kittrell Street, behind Spirit Mart.  For more information, contact Jackie Miller at 931-729-3694 or 931-628-8815 (event days).

The public is invited to the next Green Evening Café at the Emporium Café next Tuesday evening,- May 24th, at 6pm.

Leila Oertel in The Garden

Please put in Calendar of Events

Sonnenschein Green Initiative invites you to Come To The Garden – Saturday, 5/21 from 10am – 12pm – weather permitting.  Gardeners will be available to discuss planting tips and share successes.  Contact Jackie Miller for information – 931-729-3694

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Green Evening Cafe Update

Thanks to everyone that came to the April Green Evening Café at the Emporium Café Tuesday evening.   Becky Newbold presented the Green Business Award to Amber Falls Winery, based on their use of wind power and bottle recycling program.

Gardening and Soil Building was the theme for the evening.  Alan Bishop explained how he is building his garden soil with sheet mulching.  Jackie Miller demonstrated a compost system that ferments more kitchen wastes and can be added to a garden after two weeks.

Activities at the Hohenwald Community Garden were discussed.  So far this year, the weather has not cooperated with planned Community Garden Events, but we will continue our efforts to bring the community together to share successes and ideas on growing our own food.

Everyone is invited to upcoming Come to the Garden events at the Hohenwald Community Garden, 112 Kittrell, scheduled for Sunday, May 1st, 2-4pm, and Saturday, May 7th, 10am-12pm – weather permitting.

I understand that many folks would like an email notification if we cancel the Garden events due to weather, but since the weather forecasts have not been very accurate, let’s try it a different way.  If it’s pouring down rain, we will not have a Garden Event.  If you are unsure about the weather, you can call Jackie at 931-729-3694 (home) or 931-628-8815 (cell) for the current weather situation.

Discussions at the upcoming Garden Events will revolve around planting tips, legumes, raised beds, lasagna gardens, and pollination.  Everyone in invited to bring plants, seeds, and containers for swapping.  Bring your garden tools if you have time to participate in clean-up activities.

Barbara Hinson discussed gave an update on the Lewis County Historical Society Beautification Committee, and Lewis County Clean-Up Day earlier this month.  If you have time to help with the Beautification projects, contact Barbara at  She would like to invite everyone to the Lewis County Historical Society meeting Monday, May 2, 7:00 pm at the Strand Theatre.   After a short business meeting, there will be a walking tour of Hohenwald historical area. This tour should be especially interesting to anyone that would like to know more about the history of Hohenwald and Lewis County.

Our next Sonnenschein Green Evening will be Tuesday, May 24th, at the Emporium Café at 6pm.

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April 26th Green Evening Cafe, Hohenwald

The Sonnenschein Green Initiative is sponsoring the Green Evening Café on Tuesday, April 26th, at 6pm at the Emporium Café.   The theme for the evening will be Gardening and Soil Building.  Everyone is invited to share in the discussion of starting gardens, soil fertility, and composting.

Free garden plants and seeds will be available.  Bring your favorite seeds and extra plants for our plant/seed exchange.  Be sure to bring containers for any plants and seeds you take home.

As part of our discussion around Gardening, we’ll discuss one of our key projects, the Hohenwald Community Garden.  Our goal for the Community Garden this year is to bring the community together around the theme of growing our own food.  There are many people in the community that are considering gardening for the first time, or having problems with their gardens.  If you look at the combined gardening experience within the Sonnenschein group, we have a tremendous opportunity to support our local community by sharing that knowledge and expertise.  We think the Community Garden can be a great venue for that sharing.

We hope you will plan to attend and participate in the planned “Come to the Garden” events this year – even if you don’t become a Member of the Garden.  The Community Garden has gotten a slow start this year due to weather, but our spring rains will end soon, and we can look forward to another great harvest.  This is our upcoming schedule –

Saturday, April 23rd – 10am-12pm 

Demonstrations of soil and garden bed preparation, soil fertility, and composting.
Plant swap and seed exchange – bring your containers.
If you can help with Garden Clean-up, bring your garden tools.

Sunday, May 1st – 2-4pm       

Demonstration and discussion around planting, legumes for soil fertility and food, and maintaining soil  fertility naturally
Plant swap and seed exchange – bring your containers.

Saturday, May 7th – 10am – 12pm        

Demonstration of raised beds, lasagna beds, herb and flowers to attract pollinators, planting tips
Plant swap and seed exchange – bring your containers.

The Community Garden is located at 112 Kittrell Street.  For more information on the Sonnenschein Green Evenings or Community Garden events, call Jackie Miller at 931-729-3694.

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